The goal of tidycode is to allow users to analyze R expressions in a tidy way.


You can install tidycode from CRAN with:


You can install the development version of tidycode from github with:


Read in existing code

Using the matahari package, we can read in existing code, either as a string or a file, and turn it into a matahari tibble using matahari::dance_recital().

Alternatively, you may already have a matahari tibble that was recorded during an R session.

Load the tidycode library.


We can use the expressions from this matahari tibble to extract the names of the packages included.

Create a data frame of your expressions, splitting each into individual functions.

Add in the function classifications!

We can also remove a list of “stopwords”. We have a function, get_stopfuncs() that lists common “stopwords”, frequently used operators, like %>% and +.